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You are welcome to visit our wine cellar throughout the whole year!
Our vats are stored six meters below the grape-vines, in the underground cellars of a building that dates back to 1620.

Since 1971, the Féchy vineyard has been registered in the inventory of landscapes and sites of national importance. We are located right in the middle of the Féchy domain, on an excellent spot for the cultivation of grapes, especially Chasselas. Our plots of land are spread all over the Féchy domain, perfectly orientated southwards and enjoying an unobstructed view of the Alps and Lake Geneva.

When you enter our wine cellar, you are surrounded by tradition with every step you take. Our property was built in 1620 by a Bernese family; ever since, five generations of our family have been living in this building. We are one of the oldest families of our village and were among the first to produce and sell wine. After visiting our showroom, you are welcome to take a look at our fully equipped wine cellar of 800 square meters. This is where we produce and pack 350,000 bottles of wine in our own filling line. You are also able to see our 23 borsari vats and our 11 enameled steel tanks.

Our great grandfather Julien Bettems was the first winemaker to build tanks of reinforced concrete lined with ceramic glass tiles. In 1995, this tiled lining was removed and replaced by a two-component enamel varnish. At the same time, the little wooden doors were replaced by steel doors.

Our products currently consist of 90% Chasselas grapes. The other 10% are Chardonnay, Gamay, and Pinot grapes.

Why don’t you come by and enjoy the warm hospitality of a traditional winegrower in the Canton of Vaud? We are looking forward to your visit!

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