Alain Bettems, the owner of our winery, Cave de la Crausaz, is a distilling enthusiast – that’s why he has always dreamed of producing his own whisky instead of only traditional spirits such as lie or marc. In 2006, he finally made his dream come true.
Whisky is based on ground barley malt brewed in hot water at a temperature of 55 to 75 Celsius, then fermented and finally distilled. The law requires that to wear the whisky label, the drink must be left to mature in casks for at least three years.
Our Allan’s Gold whisky is left to mature for five years in new Swiss barrels produced in the canton of St. Gallen.
As a result, it develops a characteristic bouquet of cereals and fruit – subsequently, sherry, pepper and apple notes with a touch of wood develop in the mouth.
In 2017 we decided to produce a second, peaty whiskey.
Allan’s Gold Tourbé has delightful aromas of wood, roasts and spices, followed by vanilla, caramel and light wood flavours in the mouth.
This year we planted malting barley on one of our own fields in Féchy because we wanted to cultivate it on our own soil. After harvesting, we are going to malt the barley near Geneva, distil the whisky and let it mature in casks in our own whisky cellar in Féchy.
Our two whiskies, Allan’s Gold and Allan’s Gold Tourbé, were awarded silver medals at the Distiswiss national ribbon Awards.




malting barley field in Féchy
malting barley field in Féchy






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